How to make Scrambled Eggs

By Charlotte Clarke

Quick and easy to make, scrambled eggs have been an ever-present addition at breakfast time. Whether paired with a crispy slice of toast or placed amongst a Full English, the distinctive fluffiness of scrambled eggs is always a welcome addition.

Scrambled eggs are incredibly versatile: for a feast from the East add Chinese chives and sour cream, for an Indian inspired dish add a pinch of turmeric, garam masala and spices to create authentic Akoori.

The key to making exquisite scrambled eggs is preparation and using fine ingredients. Food Vlogger Warren Nash shows us the secrets to making light and flavoursome scrambled eggs.


  • Keep stirring the mixture until you notice the eggs have started to scramble. Stirring the eggs rapidly will create smaller curds, whereas stirring slower will create much larger curds.
  • Seasoning the eggs with black pepper, tomato sauce or salsa will help to bring out its delectable flavour.

Recipe ideas

Perfect for on the go, why not add scrambled eggs to your morning croissant. Cut a croissant in half and gently toast in the oven for a few minutes. When the bread is crispy add the scrambled eggs and top with chives, herbs, and cheese. Looking for that extra kick? Try a small dash of hot sauce on your egg mixture.