At Heritage Breeds™ we believe that the traditions of better breeding and high hen welfare make for impeccable quality eggs. Our crest is our word that each and every egg comes from our well cared for, contented special breed birds.

From jungle fowl to modern domestic hens, the humble, tasty and nutritious egg has been central to our culture and cuisine since the beginning of time.

The good old egg is as much a staple as ever and yet, despite the increasing sophistication of food and restaurant choice, the resurgence of home baking and ever more focus on provenance and ‘foodie credentials’, people still believe ‘an egg is an egg, is an egg’.

We know this isn’t the case – eggs are as distinctly different, in the way they look, cook and taste, as the breeds that lay them.

Heritage Breeds™ are dedicated to producing only impeccable quality eggs. Eggs from heritage breed hens, ducks and quail birds that have been traditionally reared, fed on nutritious and wholesome vegetarian diets and genuinely cared for in smaller flocks on our hand-picked British farms.

Only Heritage Breeds™ speciality hen eggs carry the Lion Quality stamp of approval that means they follow one of the highest quality standards in the world ensuring all eggs are safe, as well as thoroughly nutritious to eat, and are delivered from farm to store in as little as 5 days from date of lay.

Heritage breeds

Our aim is to apply the principles and traditions of better hen breeding to help produce the best quality eggs possible.


We are proud to be supplying the best in free range eggs in Britain.