Inspired by years of research into hen husbandry and how best to look after hens and other speciality breed birds, we are now proud to be supplying the best in free range eggs in Britain.

Every one of our hens is traditionally reared, and then live in much smaller flocks, on specially selected farms, typically a third of the size of a typical free range farm.

Heritage Breeds™ farms are run by our team of dedicated hand-picked farmers who understand that heritage breed birds need special care and attention to ensure the best quality of life.

It is our heartfelt belief that all special breed birds should be genuinely cared for. All our birds are free to roam, or in the case of quail birds -free to fly.

Heritage Breeds™ birds are only ever fed on a tailor-made wholesome vegetarian diet designed to keep them nourished & fit as a fiddle wherever possible.

Our Hens are free to graze in grassy pastures with significantly more space per head than typical free range farms, with plenty of shade provided by trees and verandas.

Their environment is safe and social with nesting boxes. perches, and dust bathing areas too.

Our Gladys May’s ducks enjoy a free to roam lifestyle too, and are supplied with plenty of barley straw for foraging and deep water troughs – cleaned daily -for preening and splashing about in.

Quail bird farming is relatively new to the British Isles and whilst it is currently not possible to allow them to roam completely free – they would fly away – we have the highest welfare standards available that allow them freedom to fly and some monitored access to outdoors. The quail is a fairly timid bird and their eggs are carefully hand picked by our farmers.

Heritage breeds

Our aim is to apply the principles and traditions of better hen breeding to help produce the best quality eggs possible.


Our crest is our word that each and every egg comes from our well cared for, contented special breed birds.