Heritage breeds

Working directly, and in some cases exclusively, with traditional breeders, Heritage Breeds™ aims to apply the principles and traditions of better hen breeding to help produce the best quality eggs possible.

Unlike most free range eggs which are laid by commercialised hybrid hen breeds, speciality hen eggs come from birds with proven breed credentials. Today this means that there is authentic breed ancestry and evidence of breed characteristics either in the hen or in the eggs. To you and me this means the egg look better than normal free range, cook better and tastes as good as it is possible for fresh British farm eggs to taste.

The first official chicken breeds were established in 1865 by the Poultry Club of Great Britain. There currently consist of 93 traditional and often rare pure breeds, as well as some authentic hybrid breeds which have been developed over the years. Whilst the original purpose of these was for country shows, the benefits accrued from better breeding is now being applied to husbandry to help make better quality eggs.

Our Copper Marans hens can link back their ancestry to the Black Copper Marans of Western France, and before that, share some of the colouring and character traits from the domsticated British Game chicken that was a feature of Victorian Britain.



Our crest is our word that each and every egg comes from our well cared for, contented special breed birds.


We are proud to be supplying the best in free range eggs in Britain.