Heritage Breeds Eggs

By Charlotte Clarke

heritage breeds eggs

Although our Heritage Breeds eggs may vary in appearance, each one is bred and laid with the utmost care and principles to ensure that they are at their highest quality. It’s no surprise that our speciality hen eggs carry the Lion Quality stamp of approval, certifying that they follow one of the highest quality standard in the world.

It’s our belief that a blend of the traditional, with a modern approach to breeding and husbandry makes for impeccable quality eggs that taste the best.

Unlike free range eggs, Heritage Breeds eggs come from birds with proven breed credentials. For our customers, this means the egg will look, cook and taste better than traditional eggs.  Our diverse range of Heritage Breed eggs can accommodate your meal of choice, whether they require baking, poaching, scrambling or boiling. Our aim is to apply the traditions of premium hen breeding to produce eggs of the highest quality.

With years of research we have come to understand that eggs are as distinctly different, in the way they look, cook and taste, as the breeds that lay them.

Our Heritage Breed egg range includes:

heritage breeds eggs

Our opulent Copper Marans eggs can be used from breakfast to dinner. Whether you’re making eggy soldiers for the little ones or poaching an egg for supper, these eggs will provide remarkable flavour throughout the day. We guess you could say that they are our all-round good egg.

heritage breeds eggs

The vibrant, pastel blue shell of our Royal Legbar eggs will certainly be the talking point at your next dinner party. Their beautiful shell and rich-flavoured yolks certainly taste as good as they look. This versatile Heritage Breeds egg is at its best when poached, boiled or baked.

heritage breeds eggs

A favourite in the kitchen, our large Gladys Mays eggs are rewarded with not only a strikingly beautiful shell, but also an indulgent deep-amber yolk. Duck eggs can be used as a replacement to hen eggs in any dish and make particularly fluffy meringues and scrambled eggs.

heritage breeds eggs

Our delicate Speckled Quail eggs may be small in appearance, but they are bursting with flavour. Their miniature golden-yolk eggs make the perfect addition to any meal as either a topping or side dish. They also go great on top of a homemade steak tartare or as the centre filling of a bitesize scotch egg.