How to fry a Quail’s Egg

By Charlotte Clarke

Heritage Breeds has collaborated with food YouTuber Warren Nash to bring you a series of videos showcasing simple cooking techniques with easy to follow instructions, allowing you to make the most out of our impeccable eggs.

Our Heritage Breeds Speckled Quail Eggs make great canapés and bring a delicate touch to dishes with their petite size. They only need a couple of minutes to fry; once the eggs are cooked to your liking, take from the pan and enjoy straight away.

The secret to cooking Fried Quail Eggs is mastering how to crack the shells without breaking the yoke. It can be quite tricky to shell so allow extra time to complete this fiddly task. Watch Warren’s video his fail-safe technique.


  • For great tasting eggs we recommend using Heritage Breed Speckled Quail Eggs. Their vibrant golden yolks will provide your dish with impeccable taste.
  • Quail eggs are much harder to crack than regular eggs due to their miniature size. Hold each egg up right and use a knife to make an incision approximately a quarter of the way down from the top of the egg. Gently cut around the eggs soft shell until you are able to break off the top of the egg. Transfer the yolk and egg whites into a small eggcup.
  • When the oil has warmed up, slowly pour your quail eggs into the centre of the pan. Don’t worry if you can’t get the yolks in the centre of your egg whites – it is a lot more difficult to do this due to the eggs size.
  • Fry the eggs for only a few minutes. Once they are done to your liking, take them from the pan and enjoy!

Recipe idea

Heritage Breeds Speckled Quail Eggs make great party food. Their size, quality and impeccable flavour make them the ideal topping for hors d’oeuvres, particularly when layered with sprinkles of roasted ham and seasoned with herbs and chives.